Are you Looking for a Dal Bati Churma restaurant in Navi Mumbai ?

Are you seeking for Dal Bati Churma restaurant in Navi Mumbai? Then, you must try Dal Bati ( also written as Dal Baati or Daal Baati) at Dadi Ka Khazana.

Love for spicy and hot tangy flavor? Then, you must go for Rajasthani dishes. In addition to, without Dal Bati Churma this cuisine is incomplete. This is the signature dish that can be easily found in every nook and corner of this amazing state. When you go to Rajasthan, you can not ignore the fragrance and lip-smacking taste of this lovely dish. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go to Rajasthan right away to have this dish. For you, Dadi Ka Khazana is the premium Dal Bati Churma restaurant in Navi Mumbai. Not only Dal Bati, we have many other food belong to this state. But first, let’s have some talk about this authentic dish.

Let’s go to the cultural journey of Dal Bati Churma with Dai Ka Khazana

Where did Dal Bati Churma originate from?

Well, Rajasthani cuisine- a glimpse of sumptuous royal authentic culture. Rajasthan is the place of brave cultures. This holy state is the mother of dignified soldiers and great warriors. The place where many historic wars took place. Thus, it is said that the Rajput soldiers who go to war, away from their home for several days and sometimes for several months always needed food that is easy to make, easy to carry, and also nutritious. Thus, the soldiers used to break the wheat chunks and leave them to rest under the hot sand under the Sun. When they come back from war, they find their chunks as Sun-baked. They dip it in ghee and have it with the Panchmel Dal. That’s the story of this authentic and royal dish of the Rajasthan.
Another interesting story says a lot about Churma- A cook accidentally poured sugarcane juice while making dough for bati. It was found awesome when got Sun-baked. That’s how Dal-Bati-Churma came into existence as a wholesome meal.

Rajasthani cuisine is known for being spicy and tangy. That’s why the food, when touches your taste buds, takes you to the hot and brave Marwari culture of amazing Rajasthan.

Why Dadi ka Khazana is the best Dal Bati Churma restaurant in Navi Mumbai?

Let’s come back to our point, Why you should choose us to have Dal Bati Churma In Navi Mumbai & Thane?

Let’s find out the reasons:

  • Dadi ka khazana is owned by the real Marwari family who consequently knows every detail of the cuisine. Thus, you have that perfect taste.
  • The perfect spice blend daily to make that spicy garlic chutney to keep its freshness alive.
  • Dough for Bati gets prepared daily with the fresh Rajasthani wheat floor for awesome and authentic taste.
  • Panchmel dal needs a perfect ratio of all the lentils being used. We always take care of it.
  • Bati is prepared in earthen pots and not in modern ovens to get that mouthwatering feel.
  • Furthermore, every detail is kept until superiority for the quality of Dal-Bati-Churma.
  • Whether we are serving you at our place or you are getting it delivered, the quality and the freshness can easily be observed.

Dadi Ka khazana is a well-known vegetarian restaurant in Navi Mumbai. Every cuisine is prepared with expert hands. Thus, what to say more, if you are ready to feel the real, just trust Dadi Ka Khazana.
Next time, when you look for Dal-Bati-Churma restaurant in Navi Mumbai, Just call us or come to us. We promise you will not forget the taste of Dal-Bati-Churma that is prepared in the restaurant in a just Home-cooked style manner and will adore your plate with love and hygiene.

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