Best Veg Restaurant in Navi Mumbai & Thane – Dadi ka Khazana

Best Veg Restaurant in Navi Mumbai & Thane is none other than Dadi ka Khazana. We can give you several reasons and facts to prove. 

When we talk about the best veg restaurant, not only the taste of the food matters but also authenticity, trust of the customers, hygiene, safety, freshness of the ingredients, and other factors are equally important. We have evolved with time and we are committed to delivering quality food.

Factors that made us the best pure veg restaurant in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai & Thane:

1. Fresh ingredients: At Dadi Ka Khazana, health is kept at a high priority. Thus, to ensure this we work from the basic things. Ingredients- All grocery, cheese, dairy products, spices, vegetables, etc are supplied to us on the daily basis after a quality check. These fresh elements add to the flavor as well as take care of our customers’ health.

2. Trust of the customers: What makes us the top vegetarian restaurant of Navi Mumbai, is the trust of our customers. Since our establishment, we have a list of regular customers. This shows their love and trust in our quality services. Even the famous food bloggers Ronak Punjabi and Veggie Paaji have visited and adored our food.

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3. Home-cooked Style Food: Amazing quality that we proudly possess. Mumbai is the city where people have come in search of jobs or due to their work. These people and students miss their home-cooked food. Therefore, keeping this in mind, our staff is trained in a way to prepare the dish as we all have at our home i.e. less oil, fresh and healthy. That’s why our food is loved by everyone and is satiating.

4. Better Reach: Honoring the immense love of our customers, we have opened our 4 outlets for better reach. So that, you can order from the nearest Dadi Ka Khazana. We cover most of the Navi Mumbai and Thane regions.

Our Outlets –

Dadi Ka Khazana – Kharghar, Nairoli, Koparkhariane, Airoli and Thane.

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5. Our Huge Menu: What’s on the menu card first catches the eye of customers. Though we are specialized in North Indian food and Rajasthani cuisine, our menu consists of Italian food too and other cuisines. 

Not only cuisines we have huge varieties of snacks, parathas, dal-bati, vegetables and dals, various kinds of phulkas, and even khichdi of different varieties.

We are famous for our Dal-bati, parathas, and Chole Bhature.

6. No Colors or Preservatives: We as mentioned earlier, are committed to our customers’ health. Following this, we don’t use artificial colors or preservatives in our food. 

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7. Hygiene: You can enter our kitchen anytime. Our staff is skillful in maintaining the hygiene of the food. Food is prepared with extreme safety as we believe in letting the food work as medicine so that you will not need any other. Your food is prepared only after we receive your order.

Fast Delivery: Zomato and Swiggy being our delivery partners ensure the safety of your food and also fast delivery. 

8. Our catering services: Dadi Ka Khazana provides catering services in Navi Mumbai and the Thane region. We cater for small gatherings like birthdays, Kitty, get-togethers, and business meetings, etc. We are known for our exceptional catering services in Navi Mumbai.

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Undoubtedly, we are the best veg restaurant in Navi Mumbai & Thane. Visit us or order from us to get this feeling. You will be amazed by our hospitality and food quality.