9 Best Parathas in Navi Mumbai at Dadi ka khazana

Best Parathas in Navi Mumbai at Dadi ka khazana

Indian food and Parathas i.e. flatbreads are the essences of each other. In North India mostly people think of paranthas as soon as breakfast or brunch word strikes their minds.

Keeping in mind, daily importance of delicious parathas in India, we have a huge variety of yummiest parathas that we bet you will not find anywhere in Mumbai.

Here’s the list and specialties of our range of paranthas:

At Dadi ka Khazana, we have almost 25 varieties of parathas. People order according to their taste and choice. Moreover, we provide the best catering services in Navi Mumbai & Thane region.

1. Aloo Parantha:

          It’s a pretty household name and probably the most favorite one. Considered an ideal breakfast or brunch. You can try the best Aloo Paratha at any of our outlets. Boiled and mashed potatoes blend in spices and made with desi ghee, served with curd, pickle and creamy fresh butter will satisfy your tastebuds like anything.

2. Italian Paratha:

As the name tells the story- this paratha or flatbread is a great combination of vegetables and Italian herbs. It is a must-try if you are a great fan of Italian cuisine. You will find the ultimate Italian- Indian bonding in the terms of this paratha.

3. Lachcha Paratha:

Lachcha means rings. The ultimate flatbread that contains spices and rings within. It goes with any vegetable of paneer or dal and is the must-have in Indian gatherings. At Dadi ka khazana, you can relish this paratha with butter and the vegetable of your choice.

4. Aloo Kanda Paratha:

The best ingredients when come together creates divine. Yes, aloo and Kanda (onion) culminate in the best paratha to satisfy your taste buds. A not to miss at Dadi Ka Khazana for your breakfast or lunch.

5. Mix Paratha:

Dadi ka Khazana brings the best for your health and taste. Keeping this in mind our mixed paratha is the perfect combination of fresh vegetables and spices. This paratha is a meal itself. You just need to pair it with curd. Rejoice it as it is healthy and tasty as well.

6. Cheese Capsicum Paratha:

This paratha is something you would love to order again. The goodness of capsicum is enhanced with paneer and cheese. Blended well with the great aroma of spices provide you a power-packed meal. Don’t wait and order now.

7. Butter Garlic Lachcha paratha: 

Lachcha paratha itself is the yummiest among flatbreads and here it contains the taste of garlic and cooked in butter. Something which you can only feel till you try. Enjoy with any curry of your choice. Order Now.

8. Paneer Paratha:

After aloo paratha, this is the most common type of flatbread in every house of India. Protein and calcium-rich fresh paneer paratha are simply irresistible. If you would love to have home-cooked style paneer paratha, you have only one stop then- Dadi ka Khazana.

9. Achaari Paratha:

Achaar and paratha give a perfect meal but have you ever tried achaari paratha? Bringing in the best combination. Stuffed with achaari spices, it doesn’t need any companion to relish with.

We have summed up the 9 best parathas you must try at Dadi ka Khazana- pure vegetarian home-cooked style food in Navi Mumbai & Thane region. 

Enjoy the best catering services with us. Order Now.